LETTER: Fight for LOTM, a county hallmark

My parents moved to the ‘county’ in the 1970’s as my dad was transferred to Hydro.

Lake-on-the-Mountain quickly became our favorite venue to celebrate special occasions, family birthdays and Thanksgiving even after my mother become a nursing home resident in 2002. It was were we took her for a special treat. After her passing I continued to visit the ‘county’ which felt like home, semi-annually.

What a shock to read Lake-on-the-Mountain Inn, one of the hallmarks of Picton, was not only not supported in these difficult times but the Chretien family business of 29 years was forced to close its doors due to the steep parking fines and no parking allowed on the street near the inn, supposedly in the name of safety.

Is it that a few locals just don’t want to slow down and drive the speed limit that tourists, supportive locals and the Chretien family are to lose their livelihoods and this historic restaurant? Then a carrot is dangled about discussing it further (a stalling tactic) once the season is ended?

This action is short-sighted, selfish and downright punitive on the part of the council. It was sad to see it as we visited for a few days this past week. Please people, fight for this hallmark of the county. Please re-think and bring back this historic landmark.

Gail Murray (semi-annual visitor)