LETTER: Supremacist mindset keeps County in medieval age

Dear Editor,

Heritage and sovereignty are Canadian delusions that drive us to dark places. As we go down into Canada’s colonial and post-colonial history, we find the roots of our heritage confusion embedded in several social delusions brought here by Europeans. Especially one I call the Supremacist perspective, which has a more destructive track record than any natural force or event.

The Loyalists who fled here from New England as war refugees, came with a culturally embedded Supremacist perspective. They were driven by fear and hate which was a conditioned part of every colonial culture imposing itself with violence on the existing occupants of the land. Nevertheless, they believed in their source of income, the old power structure of the British Empire constructed with the social delusion of political and spiritual supremacy of the British Crown over all nations. Other Englishmen however, seeking freedom from brutal royal tyranny had been preparing to overthrow their royal masters since the Peasant Revolt of 1381, and they finally succeeded in New England in 1776.

Those Supremacists who expected to prosper from the “old feudal hierarchy” fled here to construct a safe state for British Christian Supremacists. When BNA became Canada in 1867, those Supremacists and their heirs didn’t suddenly disappear, they turned on their hosts and their children and they controlled native communities with religious wars taking place in the Christian Residential School system. Based on the high level of global genocide produced by European Supremacists who destroyed countless indigenous worlds, the Supremacist mind that produced colonialism, emerged as the most destructive and dominating force on planet Earth.

The Dominion of Canada was constructed by Supremacists, and the true heritage they gave us was a history of violent bullying or dominating the other for power, profit, and pleasure. They forced the physical and spiritual terrorism of small children taken from indigenous communities, in order to suppress the communities’ political will. It left behind generational traumas on native reserves where the child suicide rate is the highest. We saw indigenous anger emerge dramatically in January of 2020, when native communities launched blockades to protest against RCMP officers who exceeded their authority on unceded native lands in BC.  That national action was interrupted by COVID. In Kamloops and Saskatchewan, recent evidence of hidden child graves exposed how native children were devalued, mistreated, and dismissed by the dominant British Christian culture.

Our local heritage is equally confused. The Ford government’s needless destruction of the Hyatt and Macdonald houses taken long ago by the Province, exposes how our provincial and federal governments continue to abuse their historic assets , our municipal governments, and by extension, all of us. Those unnecessary demolitions were in-your-face, public displays of Supremacist power by the Ford government, as it imposes more heritage confusion on an already deeply confused County Council.

In 2013, a handful of local heritage extremists exposed the County to national ridicule by interrupting the legitimate and honourable end-of-life demolition of an old, damaged building that no one wanted, on Picton’s Main Street.  The abandoned church was not allowed to die a natural and respectful death at the hands of a wrecker, and heritage extremists forced us to endure the ugly sight for many months.

Likewise, Supremacists in Shire Hall refused to let the old Supremacist power structure die last November 17, as it should have following a public consult. They tried to keep the old way alive as the Macdonald Twelve staged a political coup that supported Canada’s Indigenous Holocaust, the work of premier Supremacist, John A. Macdonald. Both actions by Supremacists have driven this County back into the medieval age.

Steve Staniek