Stories from our past – October 14, 2021

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • W. P. Niles, of Wellington, has given a gift of $25 to the County Hospital fund, through the Daughters of the Empire. The following letter, which tells its own story, is much appreciated by Sir Thomas Picton Chapter of the I.O.D.O.E. It was received by Mrs. A. E. Wilson, Secretary of Sir Thomas Picton Chapter.
  • Sanford Dodge has surrounded himself with a splendid company this season and will be seen in “The Right of Way.” This great play is an adaption from Sir Gilbert Parker’s famous story of the same name, the dramatization being made by America’s  greatest playwright, Eugene Presbrey.
  • It is very probable the Picton harbor will be dredged nest year if possible. B. R. Hepburn, M.P., is determined to make the effort to have the government do this for Picton. The town council strengthened his hands at a special meeting last week when the government was asked to do this work.


  • F. W. Hope of Doxsee’s, was winner of the Dodge car given away at the Rotary street dance. His ticket was drawn by Mayor H. J. McFarland. Extra care was taken to assure that all tickets were well mixed. Each was rolled into a ball and placed in a machine, the blower of which tossed all the little rolls of paper about in a glass case.
  • Many expatriated Britons especially Londoners are going through periods of nostalgia since the announcement of the visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Canada this month. London-born Alfred Ogilvy, well known prosperous dairy proprietor of Wellington, was in a reminiscent mood the other day when talking with a reporter.
  • Eight tons of tomatoes enrolee form Port Hope to Bloomfield for canning came to grief near Wellington Thursday night when the transport blew a tire and turned on its side in the ditch.


  • A new business venture based at Trenton stands to offer a stimulus to apple growers throughout the Quinte area. It is an apple packaging and storage plant known as Quinte Fruit Growers Ltd.—the first such plant in the Quinte area.
  • This year marks the 25th anniversary of Prince Edward County’s only township fair — Milford Fiar — scheduled for today (Wednesday). The fair gets underway with a parade which features horses, ponies, school children, decorated bicycles, cars, floats, machinery and usually unusual entires of some sort.
  • There were so many policemen and plain clothes security men around the Picton fair grounds Saturday it was difficult to know just who was running the show. The plain clothes men came from the RCMP, there was a large number of Ontario Provincial Police.


  • Consecon United Church was overflowing with gratitude and people on Sunday as a celebration of the rebuilding and reopening took place. Approximately 500 attended the special occasion  which marked 152 years of service for the church.
  • Under bright blue skies; attended by young and old; by children and clowns; by politicians and shoppers; the officially opening of Main Street took place Friday. Picton Mayor Don King gave a brief history of how it all came to be. 
  • Just after midnight several youths were observed by an officer of the Police Department. The youths were at the BP Service Centre on Main Street and were creating a disturbance. Suddenly a rock came crashing through the rear window of the police cruiser.