KING, Marion Carmel

In Memory of
Marion Carmel King
My mother had two favourite pastimes and they were reading the Picton Gazette and playing the Picton TV bingo every week.
When time went on and as my mother got older and her health had deteriorated, she suffered with pain, it all ended for her on October 26 2020 at 10:01am. At this point my pain had just begun for me as it has for many before me and for many well after me when you lose a loved one.
I was asked by someone if I missed my mother. Without blinking an eye and a small smile on my face I said no I don’t miss my mother. This person now went on a tyrant about what kind of son and what kind of person I am not to miss my mother, which I might add there was not a kind word said at all about me. My smile now went from a small smile to a smile from ear to ear and I turned and walked away. I thought to myself, how could I miss something that I have not totally lost. What I mean is this: I get it, I will never get a physical hug from my mother again, I won’t hear that magical voice say: “have a safe drive back to Toronto and call me as soon as you get in the door so I know your safe and sound”, or the long talks on the phone we had. What I do have is this, and that is when I think of my mom, I just stop what I am doing and close my eyes for a few minutes. The world now stops and I hear nothing. I than can feel you in my heart, soul and mind like you are right beside me and a smile comes across my face. The rest of my day is great. When I grieve, I grieve in my own way, I remember in my own way of that loved one and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me. This is my own special time and no one else’s. I can honestly say it does get better, time does heal, it just takes time. My mother was a kind, loving person and no one will ever fit in her shoes and no one can ever be like her. Her children were her life and her grandchildren meant everything to her.
I know you are reading this mom, so I say this to you, don’t put a plate out for me at the dinner table, put a pot of tea on and a couple of good comfortable chairs, we will have lots to talk about. Like our Prime Minister held an election in the middle of a pandemic, and you’re not going to believe this but the Toronto Maple Leaf’s did not only win the Stanley Cup once but twice.
P.S. I know you made it home safe and sound mom since I got your phone call this time when you arrived home.
RIP Mommy, I love you so much!!!…Randy