LETTER: Don’t boycott the Regent, get involved

To the Volunteers, Members, Committee Members, Sponsors, Donors and my Friends at the Regent Theatre.

I appreciate the use of this forum, and greatly thank the editor of this newspaper to afford me the chance to say good-bye and to thank you all, something that was not afforded me due to the recent termination of my job as Operations Supervisor of the Regent Theatre. I appreciate all the help and support you have given me for the past few years, enabling me to do my job properly and efficiently and providing me with laughs and good memories I shall cherish forever.

I believe the Board has lost sight to what the Regent Theatre means to the locals, donors, sponsors and all of Prince Edward County. We need to bring the theatre back to what she was meant to be, a showcase to be shared by all. A community gathering place, a place to make and share memories with our friends and families as she has done for the last 104 years, standing proud on Main St.

I have become aware via social media that a “Boycott” of the theatre is in the works. Please do not boycott the Regent. What you need to do is become a member, get involved. The community needs to hear of your concerns, as to the direction the theatre is being taken. By withholding your attendance from the Regent, the building will be the only casualty and she does not deserve that. The entertainment industry, local entertainers, dancers and others that have use of the facility are already in jeopardy, because of 18 months of lock downs, they need your support.

INSTEAD, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Bring the Monarch of Main St back to the community as she was meant to be. Thank you

Colleen Johnson