LETTER: National Child Care strategy a key to economic recovery

Dear Olivia,

Regarding “Council voices support for National Chile Care Program, Oct 14, 2021 Page 10, Picton Gazette-” Thank you for the coverage of this important matter.

Three brief, additional points to underline the critical nature of a proper Canadian child care program.

First, it is not a new idea. A national child care program was first recommended by our Royal Commission on the Status of Women over 50 years ago. It is way overdue and reducing child care costs will disproportionately benefit families in greatest need.

Second, it will save money for PEC parents. According to the Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives, the savings could be as high as $10,000 per child in 2022; with a further cost reduction of up to $20,000 by 2026.

Third, as you wisely reference in your piece, it is essential to optimizing our Covid-19 economic recovery. There are 1.6 million children under the age of 9 in Ontario; and Ontario has among the most expensive child care costs in Canada. Moreover, getting 280,000 women back into the paid labour market would boost Canada’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by between $45-90 billon a year!

This too is a vital shot in the arm for all of us!

Bill Roberts

PEC Councillor – Sophiasburgh (Ward 6)