Stories from our past – November 25, 2021

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Bloomfield is to have a fourth canning plant. There have been numerous rumors of possible new plants in the county, but this week a deal went through that will give Bloomfield a new plant next year. H. W. Bedell, H. Y. Cooper, E. B. Purtelle, and Benjamin Leavens are men behind the proposition.
  • To the Warden and members of The County Council of the County of Prince Edward for the year 1911: I beg to present to your honorable body, this my annual report for 1911 as Physician to the House of Refuge for the County. There are now in the Institution 29 inmates; 16 males and 13 females. 
  • On Thursday last, inst., the ordained Ministers and Lay-workers, Picton District, (Methodist Church), met in Bloomfield Methodist Church to consider and discuss certain important questions, viz.:—The Local Preacher, his place for service, and the Class Meeting, as viewed from Preachers, Leaders, Members and Adherents, several points of view.


  • Premier Leslie Frost addressed 1,000 electors in Belleville Collegiate last Wednesday night; 350 earlier the same night at Trenton and 450 in Napanee armories. At each, Norris Whitney, Progressive Conservative candidate for Prince Edward-Lennox, also spoke.
  • Bay of Quinte district farmers are reporting a falling off in the demand for export cattle, it is reported in the weekly crop report published by the Ontario Department of Agriculture. Cattle prices are also easier at local livestock sales, it is stated.
  • Mrs. Gwen Treble, owner of East Lake Canners Ltd., and her staff, were pleasantly surprised on Saturday, when the employees gathered in the factory at noon for a presentation at the close of season’s operations.


  • Edwardian Drama was the topic at the second meeting of The Tennyson Club on Tuesday. This period of King Edward VII, from 1901 to 1912, is delineated by the following quotation in the Club program: “Eat with the Rich, but go to play with the Poor, who are capable of Joy.” — Logan Pearsall Smith.
  • Finance Minister Benson’s bill C-259, to amend the Income Tax Act, should be amended to remove the proposed capital gains tax against farms specifically, George Hees, MP for Prince Edward-Hastings, argued during a debate in the bill in the House of Commons last week.
  • Thomas Eberlee, for 6 1/2 years Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Labor, has been given the job of implementing proposals to increase the efficiency and productivity of the provincial Government.


  • The most interesting discussion at the town council meeting Monday had nothing to do with anything listed on the agenda. At the end of formal business, Councillor Bob King voiced his concern for the unemployed in Picton and Prince Edward County.
  • The fancy new restorations to the county buildings will probably not be finished until Jan. 1 because the late equipment deliveries, unforeseen additional work and delays in laying the initial foundation.
  • Mayor Don King threatened downtown merchants with legal action of they persist in putting out their trash before 8 p.m. Tuesdays. He made the threat at Monday night’s meeting of Picton Town Council. “I assure you there will be charges laid if there is violation of the bylaw,” he said.