Discovering programs easy if you know where to look

Often people tell me that they can’t find out about things that Community Care has on offer. We have many ways to share with seniors in this community so that they know about Community Care’s services, activities and events.

One of the main vehicles to find out what’s going on is to consistently read this column in the Picton Gazette. The Gazette has been running this column on a weekly basis since the late 1970s, contributing in a huge way to ensuring that seniors have information that they need. In the rest of this column I’ll cover a few of the other ways to get information from Community Care. It might be old fashioned but the good old telephone works. Call 613-476-7493 and you’ll get a live person – staff or a volunteer – who will answer your questions.

If you get a message that means that all five incoming lines are already in use. In that case you’ll be asked to leave a message. We check messages regularly and calls are returned. You can check the website at . Once you’re on the site you’ll see a purple banner that says “home”, “for seniors”, “our support”, “our organization”.

The last three of these is a drop-down menu. Hover over the words with your cursor and see what drops down. Under “for seniors” you’ll see “what’s coming up?” Click on that phrase and the list of everything going on will appear on your screen. It’s in chronological order so scroll down all the way to see all the dates.

We change the content the last week of every month so check back each month to see more events/activities. At that same drop down menu (under “for seniors”) you’ll also see the phrase “services for seniors”. Here you will find content and videos about all our support services. If you want more information go to the top right of your screen and click on the little orange box with an envelope in it. That will open the “contact us” page where you’ll find the agency email address. If you send an email we will respond within a couple days. On the top right of each webpage on our site you’ll find a button to get to the Activity Calendar.

There’s lots of information here and links for how to sign up to participate. Also on the top right of each webpage is a button to donate to Community Care. All donations help seniors live at home right here in The County. Because of the pandemic the only people who come into the office are those with foot care appointments.

They will find 2 people at the reception desk because we really like to have a volunteer to help at reception. We have an opening right now. Give us a call and start the conversation about volunteering. Three hours a week is all it takes.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes