DAFOE, John & Gladys

DAFOE, John Leonard and Gladys Lillian.
In loving memory of dear parents, grandparents and great grandparents, John passed away December 27, 2004 and Gladys passed away December 26, 2012.
We can smile because they lived,
Close our eyes and cherish their memory,
Be full of the love that we shared as a family,
And remember them and all that they have shared with us,
We can cherish their lives and let them live on in our hearts,
And because of the strength that they have given us,
We won’t shed tears that they are gone,
For they would want us to smile, remember and open our eyes, love and go on.
John and Glayds are loved now and will always be remembered and cherished by their children, grandchildren, brother and sister-in-law and many friends