Community Care has the answers to senior’s queries

The staff at Community Care make it their business to know the answers to the questions that seniors ask.

If we don’t know the answer right away then we will find out and call that person back. The next step, that you don’t know, is that then staff let everyone else in the office know the answer to that question. Our goal is to help seniors live at home and having information is a big step toward that goal.

Questions that have come in lately are wide ranging in nature.

One of them is how to access the Ontario Energy Support Program – applying and renewing. We’re starting to have seniors call about Income Tax for 2021 and we’ll start completing those returns on March 1st using a no-contact procedure. Give us a call and we’ll explain that to you along with the eligibility.

We’re still helping seniors navigate the provincial portal for the online vaccination booking system. We don’t have a magic wand or access to a back door into the system. We’ll help seniors who are having issues but if your issue is that it’s taking time and effort to get an appointment then please keep trying yourself. Remember that if there are no Picton appointments showing that means that you need to check back often for when those local clinics are posted.

We’re now in Wave 5 of this pandemic and we’re continuing to offer a monthly curbside pick-up meal for seniors with the next one on Thursday, January 20th at noon. This month’s menu, prepared by Chef Bill Grieve, is homemade soup, chicken & biscuits, potatoes, vegetables and apple pie for dessert. The cost is still only $15/person and you need to order/pay in advance. Book now and you’ll have something to look forward to!

We receive calls about grocery delivery and how that works. Given the current situation with the pandemic we think that many more seniors should be using this program. We’ve made it as easy as possible and it’s free, too. We’ll even help with placing the order if you need that. Stay home where it’s safe and let our volunteers pick up your groceries and bring them to your door. One call sets it all in motion.

Then there’s all the active living programs to help you keep away the winter blahs. Seniors call regularly to find out about the webinars, zoom events, and group phone calls. January includes a four week “Bird Identification Course” with Terry Sprague; “Falls Prevention Program” with a Kinesiologist; “Seniors and Financial Fraud & Scams” with a lawyer. Mornings and afternoons we offer gentle fitness, cooking events, and social chats on interesting topics.

Find out more by calling 613-476-7493.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes