Decision to limit COVID dashboard concerning

Dear Jason I am extremely concerned about the unilateral decision (provincial? local health authority?) to change the Covid Dashboard from listing all Covid cases in the Hastings Prince Edward (etc.) area to listing ONLY those in seniors residences/residences where there are high risk individuals.

That decision may be intended to play down the seriousness of the local situation but it also deprives those of us who are trying to understand what is going on locally of key information. I have family connections, some of whom (fortunately not local)  have apparently been sloppy about observing Covid protocols – nothing to it! It may not appear important to those fighting the worst of the pandemic to report all cases but there should have been advance public discussion of this decision. As far as I could tell there was none (unless it was tucked in a footnote somewhere?).

While my husband and I do not (yet) live in any of the care facilities listed on the new (and now useless to us ) Dashboard, we do have a right to know just what is going on in our community! NOT only in long care homes (etc.) With thanks for listening.

Mary Lazier Corbett