LETTER: Council bashing gets under reader’s skin

An Open Letter to The Editor of the Picton Gazette.

I can only speak for myself, and I may be the only one who feels this way, but my Mother raised me to act. When something just doesn’t look, or feel right, trust your gut. Step up. Not that everyone isn’t entitled to their opinion and an OPED is that, someone’s opinion, but to use the Picton Gazette platform for what certainly appeared to me to be personal Council bashing just got under my skin!

I am a supporter of the revised formats and I am sure it was a very difficult it to orchestrate. It says very plainly there will be exceptions to the rule that will be accommodated. It’s been a very hard three years. For all of us. There has been suffering unending for many. We have homeless, food challenged, loved ones leaving us with no celebrations or on their own for months at a time, business straining to stay alive, children suffering, parents buckling, and a front line team that frankly deserves a break from the relentless onslaught of COVID.

Do any of us have any idea how hard it is to govern aging infrastructure, unparalleled development, housing shortages, business begging for attention in times like these? Do we? Do you want Mayor Ferguson’s job?…really?

Did we not all feel Owen’s sudden departure? Did we not all pray for Snickers to find his way home?

That is because we are a community. We look after each other, we help each other. Good times and bad. We band together to make sure things get done. Do we disagree? Of course we do. That is actually healthy. Can we do it in a respectful manner that allows voices to be heard, so a community decision in everyone’s best interest might be found? I’d like to think that’s what the South Shore Group is doing right now. I’m so proud of them.

Do we always get it right? Maybe not. But remember, to be perfect is not to be flawless. It is to be whole.

We can be a perfect community even with flaws. So, let’s be mindful of how we use our words and platforms to bash and harm others. As the current owner of the Calnan home that was involved in the Gazette so many decades ago, I’d like to think his ghost is prodding me to remind us of all who we are, as a community. I for one am very proud of the way Council has tried, diligently, to find the our collective road to the future.

Is it perfect? No, but neither am I. At least we can step collectively forward together.

If you disagree, that’s what voting is all about.

With Respect,

Barbara Mason