Community Care volunteer recruitment drive underway

You might wonder why you often read in this column that we’re recruiting volunteers.

The thing is that people get older and retire from volunteering. Their interests change or sometimes they move away. If you have a few hours to spare, consider getting involved with Community Care in our efforts to help seniors live at home. Your contribution of time (large or small) will be greatly appreciated by the seniors that live in this County. Community Care believes in “the freedom and dignity of choice; the comfort of home; and we have a passion for volunteers.”

The programs we offer support seniors to live at home. We serve the entire County of Prince Edward. Volunteers help in the Thrift Shop, work the reception desk, deliver Meals on Wheels throughout Prince Edward County, make reassurance calls, visit, walk, drive, shop, fundraise, deliver library books & groceries, fill out forms (including Income Tax), type, telephone, etc. They even put strings on tags for our Tag Day. We have openings for Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers.

There’s also an empty chair at the reception desk in our Picton office. If a fast pace is to your liking that chair could be filled by you for 3 hours a week. There are many other positions that will surely fit your time and interest.

Why not call the office and make an appointment to start the conversation? Our caring staff members all have background and experience in volunteer management and better yet, they all love working with volunteers.

Don’t worry if you travel or have regular commitments, we work around that! Students who need to do their “community service hours” are also encouraged to call or email the Community Care office and find out the opportunities that we have available for students. Maybe you need to get your hours done before the end of June so that you can graduate. Please encourage your children or grandchildren to contribute to their community in this way.

Contact Community Care and start the conversation. This is my personal invitation to you.

We are waiting for your call! 613-476-7493 or