LETTER: MP’s lukewarm support of convoy “disappointing”

Your Commentary “Convoy’s delivery of political hooliganism to Ottawa one of several disturbing trends” The Picton Gazette February 3, 2022 demonstrates a lack of independent research on your part.

You claim the “2022 Trucker Convoy for Freedom wasn’t about COVID mandates” because it should have been held at provincial capitals. The truckers were specifically objecting to the mandates on truckers, imposed by both Canadian and US federal governments. These forbid unvaccinated US truckers from entering Canada, and unvaccinated Canadian truckers from entering the US.

They are federal mandates, so Ottawa was the right place to protest.  These mandates are grossly irrational. Unvaccinated Canadian truckers are free to travel from BC to Newfoundland carrying goods, without needing a vax passport. Unvaccinated US truckers are likewise free to travel from coast to coast with no vax passport. What earthly difference can it make if they each cross the border to deliver goods in the other country? Drivers spend most of their time alone in their trucks. There is no evidence that they’ve ever been responsible for spreading COVID between countries.

Your unquestioning acceptance of the “unhinged radicalism, political hooliganism” narrative likewise demonstrates a lack of research.I have already sent you video evidence showing that there is a huge contrast between the smearing allegations made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his “bought” mainstream media coverage, versus the reality on the ground.

The truckers and supporters assembled in Ottawa are by and large just ordinary, well-behaved, generous Canadians who fly Canadian flags and periodically sing the national anthem. They share food with the homeless, clean up garbage from Ottawa streets, and try to lift each other’s spirits in the face of the unprecedented authoritarianism surrounding us. I was one of at least 70 local people who stood on the Marysville overpass to cheer the truckers’ convoy on its way along the 401. We were adults and children, most with Canadian flags or signs thanking the truckers for trying to win back our freedom.

Ordinarily, I hate to “play the race card” but your remarks about swastikas and Stars of David are way out of line. I’m a Canadian of Jewish heritage and I have no hesitation in comparing today’s encroaching totalitarianism to the conditions and restrictions that were imposed, step by step, on German Jews in the 1930s. Just substitute the word “unvaccinated” for “Jewish” and you have our current situation.

Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams was at best lukewarm and dilatory in his support for the truckers. I am disappointed in him, for the opposite reason that the Gazette is. He should have been in there from the start, following the example of MPP Randy Hiller, and exposing the propaganda that you have so blithely accepted.

Incidentally, the COVID-19 vaccine death toll shown on VAERS now stands at 23,149. The total number of adverse events reported is 1,088,560. You may wish to publish the attached screenshot.  Why doesn’t the Gazette ever mention important information like this?

Yours truly,

Karen Selick