Get your Accessible Parking Permit online

You can now renew, replace or change an accessible parking permit online. You can renew your accessible parking permit if you have a health condition that meets the required criteria. You can also get an APP if you have a permanent or temporary need for a permit. To determine which health conditions meet the criteria please go to the website and search for “accessible parking permit”.

If you have a permanent condition and your healthcare practitioner has certified that the disability is permanent, you do not need to be re-certified by your healthcare practitioner. Renew online or complete only Part A of the application (if renewing by mail or in-person).

If your disability is temporary or subject to change, and your accessible parking permit has expired, your healthcare practitioner must re-certify your health condition before you can apply for another permit. This means you must complete Part A of the application form and a healthcare practitioner must complete Part B of the application form.

An individual accessible parking permit is issued to a person, not a vehicle. In order to park in an accessible parking space, you must display your permit on the dashboard or sun visor of the car you are travelling in, so the permit number and expiry date is clearly visible. This means eligible clients of Community Care’s volunteer driver transportation program are encouraged to get an APP to make parking easier when going to appointments. O

nly the person named on the permit can use it to park in an accessible parking space. If a person who is not identified on the permit uses the permit without the permit holder in the vehicle, it can result in fines of up to $5,000 and the permit may be seized. There is no cost to renew an accessible parking permit. It will be delivered to the applicant online or mail within 3 weeks. If people go to a Service Ontario centre to apply for or renew the APP then it can take 7 weeks to receive it. If you need help to apply or renew online then call the Library or Community Care and they’ll provide assistance.

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-Debbie MacDonald Moynes