LETTER: Heritage week should involve study of colonialism

During Heritage Week, every Canadian who wishes to know her true heritage, should study the Old Testament, instead of British-Canadian history books written by a Supremacist culture.

The story of the taking of ancient Jericho describes early Christian colonialism, beginning as a process of genocidal land theft.

Fact or fiction, it inspired generations of Christian colonists out of Europe to terrorize the globe, including Canada.

Jericho Road in the County may honour that destructive event, but it has become a reminder to ethical Canadians that the real war for Canadian lands was not fought on the Plains of Abraham, by thousands of uniformed men who butchered each other for supremacy. It was fought in dark and dirty battlegrounds of Christian run Residential Schools, where: physical, spiritual, and legal terrorism were used to take indigenous lands from native children, by destroying their spiritual bonds with the lands, their spiritual source. Implanting an enemy god into a traumatized child’s mind and heart, is low terrorism.

John A. Macdonald was a premier British Christian Supremacist, who’s heart never became Canadian because he idolized British Supremacy. He was easily provoked to violence, and a drunkard, with low self-esteem, who publicly declared he would die a British subject. As a national leader he practiced and formalized British Christian terrorism in Canada, which he ensconced in the racist Indian Act(s). Millions of lives were destroyed as a result, resulting in the long-hidden Canadian Holocaust.

Students of colonial terrorism define it simply as:  “The use of violence, and threats of violence against indigenous people, to gain political control over their land wealth”. We’re still doing it, globally.      World War 1 was a colonial showdown, that destroyed tens of millions of lives. It destroyed the lives of many Canadian men who were “conscripted” or forced to go to their deaths. Many more were debilitated through insane gas warfare. Depraved war supporters named it the Great War, to avoid using the “C” word. In 1982, the Dominion of Canada changed its name to “Canada”, as the veneer of legitimacy perfected by colonial Rome, and used by London later, began to wear thin. The true nature of British colonialism was gaining increasing recognition, as the most criminal process to have cursed humanity, and the environment, since Rome.

In 1939, my Polish parents were forced to become slaves by German Christians who were colonizing Poland, Europe and the USSR. My parents worked as slave labourers for five years, before being colonized again by the next wave, this time equally menacing Soviet forces, when western politicians handed Poland over to its other natural enemy.

In 1948, diaspora Jews colonized huge parts of Palestine for the second time since Jericho [1,400 BCE], and they recently re-colonized Jerusalem, adding to the river of human blood that flows through its tragic history.

In 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine, which began the colonization of the Ukraine by Russia. Mr. Putin has positioned his military power to advance the colonization process to completion. Colonialism is: coveting, thieving, and killing, on a massive scale, and civilized humane societies who value all life, recognize the gross inhumanity of the process.  Colonialism is nothing more than hateful racial supremacy, or systemic domination over others.

Our true heritage today is to decolonize and heal the County.

Steve Staniek