Stories from our past-February 24, 2022


  • The young people spent a very enjoyable time at the home of Mrs. M. Walker on Thursday evening last. It as in the wee sma’ hours of morning hen they broke up.
  • Bongard’s-John Gordon, who as visiting in the neighbourhood, was called home suddenly on account of his father becoming very ill.
  • Burton Pringle is very busy getting the timber from P.C. David’s woods for a frame for his barn.


  • A large grey timber old as shot by Kenneth McConnell of Black Creek on Thursday at Point Traverse. The animal as trailed for several hours before being brought down.
  • The Merry Makers Club, working with wool, held their eighth meeting at the home of Marilyn Barber.
  • Prompt action by Mrs. Jean Karry-Hart, 75, as credited with saving the life of her 94 year old father Charles Sargent when a fire swept through his house.


  • Arrangements are now underway with sheep farmers in Prince Edward County to purchase sheep’s blood for use in a Connecticut company’s laboratory.
  • All roads led to Athol Central School Sunday at the noon hour for the very successful “Snowmobile-A-Thon”.
  • The Dixon Club is making big plans for their¬† variety show happening soon at the Milford Recreation Hall.


  • June Lessard and Gloria Jowett of Rednersville and Pinecrest Schools learned about the immediate need for computer knowledge while attending a Federation of omen Teachers’ Association of Ontario conference.
  • The Kelly’s Corner Euchre Club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Della Siviter and her sister, Mrs. Marion Third of Willowdale.
  • Madeline Hott as hostess for the February meeting of the Mount Pleasant Willing Workers. President Henny Huiskamp opened the meeting.