PEC Library planning for busy March Break

Picton Branch of the Prince Edward County Public Library. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)
If you live in Prince Edward County and are sick or injured, it’s a relatively short trip to the Picton Hospital whether you drive yourself or call an ambulance.  You may need to drive to Kingston, for example, for more complex care. But what if the bigger centre you had to visit was an airplane trip away?
Dr. Andrew Janikowski, a long-time Picton family physician, has been going up to service the needs of the people of Nunavut since 2005. During that time, he has been to most of the communities that dot the vast landscape. Dr. Janikowski has kindly agreed to share his expertise with us in an online conversation.   His presentation will focus on what Nunavut really means and the unique challenges of supplying healthcare to these truly remote communities.  The talk will be held online, using Zoom, on Thursday, March 10 at 2 p.m. You can register at or call (613) 476-5962 to reserve your spot. If you would like to participate from within the library – helpful if you have spotty or slow internet at home – you are welcome to do so!  Call in advance and we will ensure that a computer is available for you.
As the provincial regulations around COVID-19 begin to ease, we continue to be cautious at the County of Prince Edward Public Library & Archives. You are welcome to browse the stacks at any branch of the library and curbside pickup will continue to be available as well.
We are busy planning an exciting schedule of March Break programs for children and families.  The week will include in-person and online events as well as some great kits you can pick up!  You can find the complete schedule at or in print at any branch of the library.
One special March Break project is being led by the Archives. Children are being asked to answer the question, “What does Prince Edward County mean to you?”  A template map of the County is available as a starting point – and children can answer by writing, drawing, or making any other creative project as a reply. All submissions returned to the Wellington Branch Library during March Break (March 15-18) will receive a fun surprise bag of activities as a thank you.
Other to-go kits available during March Break include Lego challenge kits available at the Milford Branch Library, and a “Get   Growing Kit” for aspiring young gardeners at the Consecon and Ameliasburgh Branches. Children can also sign up to receive all the supplies they need to turn part of the number Pi (3.14159265….) into a beautiful cityscape style art piece. Registration is available all month long. Follow along with the YouTube tutorial, or  join us on March 25 on Zoom to create the piece together!
-Liz Zylstra