LETTER: Ukraine short on barbecue parties, long on bombs

In a rare occurrence, I am totally on board with Dennis Fox’s letter in the last issue (Protesters too self absorbed to recognize freedoms, Picton Gazette, March 10, 2022).

He could barely hide his contempt, nor can I. This supposed Freedom March is an embarrassment to all Canadians, and the Americans put us on the news in all our ‘having a stupid party’ glory. Because Americans love hating everything, and have the guns to back it up.

The – sorry can’t call them ‘Freedom People’, or even decent people – may have been geared up for a big cluster-‘thing’, but most of us weren’t. In reality, in a world in which Covid has cut supply chains of every product we need, the truckers decide to take a holiday. To prove what? Dennis doesn’t know; I certainly don’t. Grocery store shelves are emptying. Not because of the ‘toilet paper’ purge at the beginning of Covid, but because essential goods are not available. Meanwhile, the people who deliver those goods are having a barbecue and waving flags, and claiming they have no ‘Freedom’. We were already struggling to piece ourselves back together – why not hurt us all? Stellar idea.

As Dennis said, no point was made here, anymore than a frat party with four kegs helped solved the war in Iraq – where, by the way, Freedom is just a vague wisp of a dream.

Watching the Ukraine should make this crew – made up of an assortment of angry people from every direction, with diverse intentions – take a good hard look at what freedom is. We’ve got it. More than any country in the world. And we spit on it. Meanwhile people fighting for freedom actually fight. Not a lot of barbecue parties in the Ukraine, or in most of that continent. Lots of bombs and missiles though. Perhaps you should all march over there and whine about how your government made you wear fabric masks, and inject you with a vaccine to save your life. How dare they!

One more thing. It really, shall I say, ‘miffs’ me off when Canadians shout about patriotism. Patriotism is a Republican thing, inherited when the Americans modelled their government after France’s Republic, because they wanted to be as far away from Britain as they could, without actually pulling up roots and sailing the U.S. to China, for easier trade agreements.

Canadians do not have patriotism; they have nationalism. Big difference. Nationalism ‘emphasizes a unity of cultural past with inclusion of language and heritage’. Bite on that. That is what makes us what we are. And it is absolutely what makes us not American.

So wave your flags, honk your horns, turn city streets into chaos, shut down businesses … Congratulations! You’re an American! Move there. We’ve got a hell of a lot more freedom that they do, so go find that out and come back with a report. In the meantime: Stay out of the way of the rest of us. We like it here.

Steve Campbell