Seniors supported at home by Community Care

Community Care helps seniors live at home.

It’s our goal to provide quality services that seniors can depend upon. If you need a ride, meals, cleaning, recreation, etc. then Community Care is the right place for you. Our services also support caregivers who are trying to help their family members, friends and neighbours to live at home.Community Care has caring volunteers who provide escorted transportation to take seniors to medical and other appointments and shopping.

These are some of the comments about the volunteer driving service: “With 66 years driving experience, I could not ask for anything better.” “I think you do a wonderful job! And your staff is so friendly and helpful. You provide a much needed service and I’m sure your other clients appreciate it as much as I do.” “Each of the three drivers we have used were outstanding.”

These are things that our clients say about the other services that we provide: A 93 year old man told our staff “I appreciate everything everyone does–the frozen meals are wonderful.” “I appreciate the Meals on Wheels so much. Each meal is very good. It is wonderful how they can appeal to so many people. Each meal is thoughtfully prepared and presented.” We received a call from a man who said that his wife was so pleased with the foot care service that she received from Community Care that she told him he needed to contact us and make arrangements for his own foot care.

He called and became a foot care client, too. “I appreciate having the meals delivered right to the door and the friendly courteous service from the staff and volunteers. It helps me to be more independent, which makes less worry for my family, who do not live close by but visit often. I thank you all very much.”

“Please pass on that Meals on Wheels does a wonderful thing for seniors!”

“Thank you for all the assistance Community Care has provided for us. The staff and the volunteers have been so helpful.”

“Community Care is one of the best things that has ever happened in Prince Edward County.”

“I am most grateful for the services Community Care gives.”

If you need some practical help to make it possible for you to continue to live with comfort and independence in your own home, call today and speak to one of our staff. The number is 613-476-7493. Send emails to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Watch the terrific videos on our website at .

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes