Stories from our past-March 17, 2022

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Miss Peck, of Big Island, who was accidentally shot a few weeks ago, is not progressing very favourably. The bullet that entered her hand made a deep furrow.
  • The chemical analysis and bacteriological report has been made by a competent official Analyst, upon water sent to him from the spring at the Parish House.
  • Perfectly carried out in every detail appropriate to St. Patrick’s Day, Miss Marjorie Wilson gave a charming “miscellaneous shower” at the Bank of Montreal Residence.


  • Owen Jones, Supt. of the County Home, suggested the need for an addition to permit the accommodation of bed patients. There was need for such beds and suggested a total of 16.
  • Captain T.H. Thompson and Captain H.E. Welbanks received appointments  as masters of MS Blue River and SS Brown Beaver.
  • Picton Public Utilities Commission rejected tenders for laying of water mains and pumping station alterations for a total of $307, 361 on the grounds that the price was $60,000 more than the estimated cost.


  • The Friday meeting of the Dixon Club was “men’s night” or was it “ladies’ night” as it was they who were relieved of their usual responsibilities.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bud Maybee, Burrs, entertained the snowmobile party at the Orange Hall, Allisonville, last Saturday.
  • The Ontario Government and Lake Ontario Cement are content to await final negotiations that will decide the fate of West Lake sand dunes.


  • The Prince Edward Skating Club performed Calendar Capers on March 14 to a packed house at the County Arena.
  • A wildlife technician for the Ministry of Natural Resources, conducting a survey of deer in the County, has counted 400 of the animals so far.
  • Ameliasburgh council has agreed to draw up a formal contract with Reg Bishop to service the Fenwood Gardens water system.