Ed Vanhecke
March 27, 1928 ~ March 22, 2016
Dad ~
For every …
horse show
hockey game
ball game
baton & dance lesson
day at school, & “Take your Kid
to work Day”
time you let us bury you in the
sand at the Sandbanks
For every day of …
early morning chores
rushed breakfasts
eventful family dinners
cattle roundups
muddy lanes & mud in the face
rubber boots with more water
in than out
tractor driving lessons
truck driving lessons
For every…
tender hand for cuts & bruises
& still teaching us to tough it out
hug for tears we shed
laugh for our silly antics
kiss & hug for jobs well done
hand up, & hand to hold
ear to listen & shoulder to lean on
life lesson
For every…
smile, for every memory

This is what we miss the most Dad,
Simply, most simply… you.