Angry Birds donates $29,740 for Ukrainian humanitarian relief efforts

FOR UKRAINE Some of the Angry Birds team and A few Rotarians gathered at Angry Birds as the restaurant had donated one week of 100 per cent of sales in support of the Ukraine through Picton Rotary Club. (left) Past president of Picton Rotary Bob Bird, Rotarian Joanne Coker, Angry Birds employee Lynden Johnston, Angry Birds business partner Debra Jeanes, Angry Birds employee Austin Hennessy, Angry Birds employee Kayla Jeanes, Angry Birds employee Amanda Marshall, Rotarian Barbara Proctor, Angry Birds employee Donna Marshall and Rotarian Andy Janikowski. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)




After the week long fundraiser at Angry Birds for the Ukraine through the Picton Rotary Club, $29,740 was raised,

The money was raised by Angry Birds donating 100 per cent of sales for one week to Picton Rotary in support of Ukraine.

“The Golden Rule; ‘In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,’ this rule of conduct states a fundamental ethical principle by which we should all strive to live by,” expressed Debra Jeanes, business partner of Angry Birds. “Personally, watching the news of the war in Ukraine has literally brought me to tears. I am grateful for the opportunity this fundraiser has provided for me to do something to help the Ukrainian people who are so desperately in need of the world’s help.”

Jeanes said she puts emphasis on the word help because there is no other way of saying it- Ukrainian people, no matter how big or small the contribution may be, need everything communities can possibly raise.

“I want to give a huge sincere heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to eat, to our suppliers who donated product and to our incredible amazing super duper, Angry Birds team. You have all shown that you are like minded good people and (Owner Michael Hymus) and I could not have done this without any of you,” she added.

The money donated to Rotary will be going towards Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) and ShelterBox which will be going to support Ukraine. 

“For 31 year’s HPIC has been working to increase the access of medicines in vulnerable communities that have been affected by crisis, conflict or have been victims of natural disaster,” President of HPIC Lois Brown said. “Since 1990, we have mobilized $625 million worth of medicines and directly impacted 25 million people across 130 countries. At this time, we feel that the situation in Ukraine is simply heartbreaking, an our organization sees the urgent need to respond and provide immediate medical relief. That’s what we are meant to do — to care for our neighbours in need.”

Brown explained HPIC are currently working with NGO & pharmaceutical partners and every day Canadian donors to make an impact now. Last week, HPIC mobilized their first shipment of medicines with their Humanitarian Medical Kits (HMKs) to Poland and are in discussion to continue sending medical aid with healthcare professionals who are part of a medical mission teams as well as other well-established NGO partners who are also responding. HPIC is uniquely positioned in that they’re the only charity in Canada with a Canada Health License and able to mobilized donated medicines quickly and efficiently.

HPIC’s Humanitarian Medical Kits

“Our response to help the people of Ukraine will be continuous over the course of this year,” stated Brown in an important update to Rotary members. “To do this we need help. Our pledge for 2022 is to mobilized a minimum of 400 HMKs. Each HMK will consist of 600 treatments and is valued at approximately $6,000 CND. Based on current needs HMK consist of essential medicines such as antibiotics, antihypertensives, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, products to treat dermal infections, asthma, heart conditions and first aid. We have been asking the community to join this response by helping us to sponsor the costs of mobilizing these kits. Each HMK can be sponsored for $600. At this time, we have secured funding to mobilize the first 100 HMKs and we appeal to all of you at Rotary to help us get closer to the finish line. Every HMK that is sponsored literally helps to save the lives and restore the health of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who have been affected by this terrible war.”

District 7070 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs can make donations towards the Ukraine Aid for ShelterBox via The Rotary Club of Toronto matching grant campaign and double the impact dollar for dollar.

ShelterBox, a Rotary partner, have teams on the ground now looking to provide shelter and emergency aid packages to those displaced in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries. 

“ShelterBox is deploying a response team to the region to assess the humanitarian needs related to the displacement crisis in Ukraine,” said ShelterBox Canada Executive Director Stephaine Christensen. “The team from ShelterBox includes highly-trained security, safety and logistics personnel, who will coordinate with other humanitarian agencies to understand the gaps in emergency shelter and vital aid provision, and work to get aid to those who need it most.”

Emergency aid packages to include things like blankets, solar lights, mats, warm clothes and other locally sourced items.

“ShelterBox routinely responds to conflict-related displacement, providing families with a range of items, including emergency shelter, heavy blankets, sleeping mats, water filters, solar lights, kitchen sets, tools, and more,” Christensen said. “We customize our humanitarian aid packages to meet the unique needs of the displacement. We are working to understand where and how we can make a bigger difference in this rapidly-evolving crisis.”

ShelterBox is coordinating with local authorities, Rotary International, and other aid organizations.

For individuals or businesses interesting in donating $100 to The Rotary Club of Picton for the cause of the Ukrainian people in support of these agencies you will receive: a $75 tax receipt, a 3’x6’ durapoly Ukrainian flag complete with grommets supplied by Canadiana Flag in Toronto, and the satisfaction of knowing your donation is going directly to Eastern Europe to help those in need.

(left) Rob Leek, past president of The Picton Rotary Club and Rotarian Rick Jones holding a Ukrainian Flag, which you will receive if making a donation of $100. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

For more information or to donate please contact Rob Leek at .

Meanwhile,  The Rotary Club of Picton will also be hosting the 2022 Rotary Club of Picton Waterfall Fundraiser which will support the Ukrainian Relief effort and Back the Build.

Donations can be made at the waterfalls during the viewings over Easter weekend April 16-17 at Cape Vessey and Jackson Falls, online at or by e-transfer to

E-transfers need to include name, address and email of the donor to be eligible of a tax receipt.