LETTER: The time and place to decolonize Canada is here and now

Dear Editor, It’s time to decolonize Canada, and since the County was a starting node for colonial Upper Canada, it seems logical to begin the healing process of decolonization at ground zero.      Colonial governments serve themselves first and their citizens last.

I was shocked to see the Macdonald shrine to British Christian Supremacy appear in Picton’s downtown without public consent in 2015, at a time when Macdonald’s legacy was being exposed for its criminal nature, and years before essential public washrooms appeared in Benson Park.  The Holding Court consultation was another County sham, like every other consultative process paid for by us, but which becomes politically dominated, manipulated, and trumped by a politically confused Shire Hall. The disappearance of the Macdonald shrine after Kamloops, revealed the deep guilt symbolized by the offensive artwork.

How is colonialism still harming us? Every democratic government’s first and overarching duty is to protect its citizens without harming them.       A few months ago, as a lifelong volunteer activist for public safety, I was forced to fire the entire County Council for its complete lack of safety culture, its proven indifference to public safety with respect to: children, roads, bridges, and the COVID pandemic, and for refusing to serve me.

Council’s dangerous indifference could be due to a second, conflicting oath of office, in which they are required to support all government policies, right or wrong, at our peril. In preparation for the next election, here’s a short list of County government’s failures to protect:

• The Skyway Bridge has been a safety disaster since the 70s. County Councils have not cared enough to keep safety records of bridge and road incidents. A former Council was bamboozled by MTO presentations promoting the bridge reconstruction, which carefully avoided any discussion regarding user safety on the bridge. My persistence yielded a letter from the MTO’s project engineer, who admitted the new deck would not be wide enough, or safe enough for pedestrians and cyclists, nevertheless, pedestrians and cyclists have not been banned from the bridge. Council remains dangerously indifferent.

• Portions of CR49 continue to be dangerous because of unmanaged visibility risks and poor sight lines along curves where it’s difficult to see the road ahead, especially when travelling behind wide-bodied vehicles that block your view. Frustrated drivers often pull out to pass without a clear view ahead. There are many near misses, which are as good as a hit, but for a twist of fate. Council remains indifferent.

• Lastly, as a safety professional with specialized knowledge and experience in contamination control in the nuclear and medical industries, I’ve prepared County COVID Safety Reports for two years, which contain the real protective science of COVID transmission and how to prevent it effectively.  It honestly criticizes Public Health disinformation and its mismanagement of the high protective value of the face mask. I submitted my reports gratis, and pleaded with Council to do their diligence in the interest of public safety and listen to more than the government’s erroneous information before imposing unsafe vaccines on us without our consent. Not one Councillor responded.

Years ago, I tried to head off a likely Macdonald shrine fiasco which occurred anyway because Council chose to support criminal colonialism. Council turned against its hand-picked committees to support the nightmarish JAM legacy known as the Canadian Holocaust. All Supremacists hate to be criticized, especially in public. Steve Staniek Woodville