McCAW, Roger

In memory of my husband,
Roger McCaw
April 22, 1951- April 22, 2015
Roger thank you for the endless love
That helps me through each day,
And thank you for the memories
That will never fade away.
The beauty of a memory
Is that it is always there,
Like a dime in my pocket
I can take it anywhere.
And when my heart is heavy
And my eyes are filled with tears,
I can focus on a memory
And travel through the years.
Forever in my heart you will stay
I will love and remember you every single day.

Diane xo
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In memory of Roger McCaw
Dad there are so many precious memories
That throughout our life will stay
Of a very special Dad
Whose birthday is today
We treasure all the memories
Of the happy times we had.
With the wisest, most caring
One in a million Dad
We still miss you
Today and every day.

xo Melissa, Scott, Chris and Darlene
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In memory of Roger McCaw
We miss you always
Each and every day,
It seems to hit us even more
Because it is your birthday.
We are sending these balloons to heaven
Just to let you know,
We think about you always
And how much we miss you so.
We blow you kisses to the sky
And off to you, we let them fly.
So we will celebrate your birthday,
But we will spend it missing you.

A million hugs and kisses your grandchildren Briana, Matt, Brooke, Shelby, Cody, Kelsey and Courtney