Horse & Pony club back to full gallop after two years

(From left) Jenna Everall, Sarah Everall, Miss Canadian Dinero aka Peanut, Annabelle Sprigings and Sydney Struthers are all part of the Prince Edward Horse & Pony Club. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)




The Prince Edward Horse & Pony Club, which has been in operation for over 40 years, are back in action after a two year suspension due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The not-for-profit club host classes for performance, haltered, showmanship, western pleasure, english pleasure and jumping and are hoping to grow their membership.

“One of our goals is to grow our membership,” said Lori Sprigings, Vice-President of the Prince Edward Horse & Pony Club. “We will hopefully get more students and kids wanting to learn how to ride or even help out with the club and be near the animals. Even if someone doesn’t own a horse but has interest in the club, we extend an invitation to please come on out.”

The group hosts four shows a year- May, June, July and August- and all take place at the Picton Fair Grounds. Spectators are always welcome to attend at no cost.

“We encourage anybody in the community to come and watch,” Sprigings expressed. “Our youngest competitor is two years old and our oldest was into her 80’s. We’re definitely looking for volunteers, If someone is looking for community/volunteer hours, even if its someone with no horse experience we can give them a job the day of the show setting barrels or opening a gate.”

In prior years the club has hosted clinics in the spring, this year the club is just a little slow getting started. The Prince Edward Horse & Pony Club also host a  year-end banquet where awards are presented for individual classes and overall performance.

“We’re just hoping to make people aware that we do this and they might come out to watch,” stated Sprigings to The Gazette. “And if anyone wants to get involved there are lots of stables around we can recommend.”

For more information please visit their Facebook page