LETTER: Free housing units could lure physicians

After becoming a permanent resident of  Picton seven years ago and from visiting family living here for over 30 years now, I have noticed the ongoing and precipitous changes to the County.

First, there was the explosion of converted properties  to STA’s, population growth, the increasing price of housing and lastly the new and proposed subdivision / residential developments. Like many residents of County, we are losing our family doctor as of June and from what I have been told, our doctor is among at least five doctors retiring soon.  With different municipality’, cities and provinces trying to incentivize and attract doctors to there part of the country by offering bonuses etc.,

My idea would be that if a developer  wants to build in the County area, they must have a certain number of FREE units held for a  doctor that is willing to move to County and setup a practice. I believe that it would be a great incentive as many new doctor have the cost of paying back the cost of their education and setting up there practice. The doctor would basically get free housing for as long as they stay in County, They would not own the house, they would have to pay utilities and property taxes etc….

If the doctor decides to leave the County, then the house is made available for any new doctor This is just my idea for Picton council, but If you build it they will come.

Daniel Melzer