Stories from our past-May 19, 2022

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Wellington won the first game of ball played here on Tuesday afternoon by one run.
  • Thomas Branscombe, whose home is in Picton, this afternoon had his foot badly crushed under the shunting engine of the Central Ontario Railway.
  • The bulbs have arrived from Holland, consisting of four Gloxinias, four Begonias, and four Tuberoses for each member of the Picton Horticultural Society.


  • Rev. C.G. Beckel had a busy time as minister of the Milford Pastoral charge. Recently, he officiated at 14 baptisms in one day.
  • Some 1200 children were packed into the Picton Armories for the first presentation of Branch 78, Canadian Legion Variety Minstrel show “County Fair”.
  • Carl Reid, a member of the teaching staff, was appointed supervising principal of Picton Public Schools, succeeding Fred Vancott who retired.


  • The Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority decided last week at a full meeting to adopt the Demorestville dam as an Authority project.
  • The 14th Annual Reunion of members of No. 31 Bombing and Gunnery School, Royal Air Force, was held at Branch 78, the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • The master plan for the development of Macaulay Mountain was approved in principle Wednesday evening at a full meeting of the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority.


  • The musical production, “Anne of Green Gables”, staged recently by students at P.E.C.I. attracted 1,300 to the three evening performances.
  • The Fawcettville sewer project has received unanimous approval of Hallowell Township Council.
  • Nestled at the west end of Main Street is a small craft shop whose name is the same as it’s address, 129 1/2. The shop, opened by Judith Clarke, opened recently.