LETTER:If passed, development could set dangerous precedent

Sometime this year County Council will vote on a zoning amendment, if passed, will make a mockery of the Official Plan and set a dangerous precedent for high density shoreline development. The proposed Adolphus Reach Resort development is planned for 10 ha. of land over 3 properties (1315, 1329, 1357 CR 7) on County Road 7, North Marysburgh.

These properties stretch from C.R. 7 to Adolphus Reach. The plan includes 56 detached dwelling units, 5 winery buildings, a main villa, an art gallery, a teahouse, plumping station for fresh water from the bay, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and vineyards, all on the escarpment overlooking the Reach. Roughly 2 ha of property is Environmentally Protected (EP) and a significant portion of the remainder is agricultural.

The zoning amendments sought would rezone Residential Rural (RR), Agricultural (RU1), and EP to site specific commercial and site specific EP. The size of the dwellings varies from 900 sq ft to 1860 sq ft and proposed selling prices were reported to be from $900,000 to $1.2 million in October, 2020. This development has all the earmarks of an enclave for the very wealthy. In January 2020 Council approved a new set of corporate strategic priorities and these included the following: Maintain the rural and historic character of the County through responsible planning, principles and decision making.

This development, if allowed, will do nothing of the sort. An appropriate Minimum Separation Study based on the locations of two barns directly across C.R. 7 and certified by an accredited Nutrient Management Specialist has not been received by the Municipality to date. The development will likely seriously impact the environment of a cove on the east side of the property, a cove and environs rich in wildlife in the water and on the escarpment.

A sample of the sighted wildlife includes bald and golden eagle, great blue heron, great horned owl, varieties of duck, swan, deer, raccoon, fisher, otter, beaver (two lodges and a dam) and snapping turtles including nesting grounds for same. No mention was made of this cove in the submitted Environmental Study. The intent of the Official Plan is to discourage development on agricultural and EP land. Surely we do not want to see our shoreline turned into a Niagara Falls East.

We do not need this development.

Donald Lowe