CANDIDATE PROFILE: Ontario Liberals pinning hopes on Leneveu

Emilie Leneveu


Let’s start with a brief bio-where are you from, what is your educational background and professional background prior to getting into politics?

My parents moved to Frankford when I was in Grade 3, wanting a better quality of life for our family. As a young environmentalist, I was in awe of the Bay of Quinte’s beautiful beaches, parks and landscapes; I was equally curious about floods, heavy rains and atypical winter patterns, sending me on a path to study environmental and biological sciences in post-secondary. When I graduated high school, I was set to go to the University of Ottawa, but felt an urge to stay in the Bay of Quinte area, so I did.  I’ve studied various fields from biotechnology to design thinking, project management and marketing.

In 2018, I graduated as an advanced biotechnologist and valedictorian for Loyalist College.  I am a director on the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair Board, a member of the Centre for Workforce Development Board and a youth advisor on the education sectoral committee of CCUNESCO. I am also an advocate for positive mental well-being and a speaker through In our riding, I have had the pleasure of working on several political and apolitical campaigns, some of my favourite community efforts being 20K Sock Day, raising thousands of socks for individuals experiencing homelessness in our community and across Canada and Food for Thought, raising funds and awareness for mental wellness.

What made you decide to enter the race to be MPP of Bay of Quinte?

I believe that youth representation is required at all levels of governance and that sustainable practices and intersectional thinking are key pillars to successful policy making. When the Liberal Party announced they were eager to add 30 candidates under 30 to their slate and I was approached by the local association, I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass along; over two million young people are eligible to vote in this provincial election, and I am excited to see the youth turnout in June.  Growing up in Frankford, getting my education in the riding and directly seeing the impacts of under-funded provincial assistance programs, I have often found myself in political circles from local boards and committees to national youth-led organizations, but felt like my advocacy had plateaued without truly having a seat at the table.

I am passionate about amplifying all voices that need to be heard in the Bay of Quinte, not just our youth, but everyone.

Why is your party the right choice for Bay go Quinte?

The Ontario Liberal Party has a plan that increases Affordability immediately, reverses detrimental cuts to education and healthcare and was written and edited by a team of candidates from diverse backgrounds.  I was fortunate enough to sit on the climate change, energy and environment policy team and I know we have the most feasible plan that balances helping folks making ends meet while ensuring our sustainability.

We are a brand new team, a team of scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers and education workers.  Our party was also the first to nominate a candidate in this beautiful riding, over 500 days ago, and we have been working hard ever since. Our platform doesn’t offer false-hope, but real, tangible solutions to problems that exist in the Bay of Quinte and across Ontario. We are in the best position to defeat Doug Ford.

What would you say are the top three issues facing Bay of Quinte right now?

At the doors, the number one issue we hear is affordable housing, education and equity are a close second, while lots of residents are equally concerned about the environment. When we talk about equity, it goes far beyond simple injustices, but a great need for increased accessibility to services. The housing crisis has been here for some time, and it is time to implement real solutions. I am proud that the Ontario Liberal Party Housing Strategy was top rated amongst parties by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

If elected, what would be your biggest priority?

I want to ensure everyone, regardless of their economic status, has the ability to succeed without having to battle countless, unfair obstacles. My biggest priority for Ontario is investigating the Universal Basic Income Pilot project and how we can improve upon our quality of life while ensuring we are protecting everyone’s mental and physical health.

Why are you the right candidate for this riding?

I believe I have the energy and determination to leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing solutions for constituents. I have a background in the sciences and project management and have attempted to align myself with as many local industries as possible to get a true sense of our entire riding’s makeup.  I grew up in the Bay of Quinte, I went to school in the Bay of Quinte, I worked in the Bay of Quinte, and on June 2nd, I want to represent the Bay of Quinte.

I am ready to work as soon as June 3rd and will continue to advocate for everyone in our community.