CANDIDATE PROFILE:Self professed ‘Freedom Fighter’ to waive Derek Sloan’s Ontario Party banner in Bay of Quinte

Kevin Wales


Let’s start with a brief bio-where are you from, what is your educational background and professional background prior to getting into politics?

I am one of four brothers, an assistant youth pastor, and a freedom fighter. I am pursuing a career in media and business, and plan to attend Oral Roberts University for my doctorate of Divinity in the future. I became involved in politics because I was greatly affected personally and saw all the damage the Ford government was doing to the people of Ontario. He has been attacking Ontarians’ rights, freedom of speech and the democratic right to debate openly and to protest.

I don’t want to continue to live under Ford’s polices and legislation has led to massive government overreach which for me lead to affecting everything from getting my driver’s license to the ability to graduate and attend University.

What made you decide to enter the race to be MPP of the Bay of Quinte?

I love the Bay of Quinte. My family and I vacationed in the County for years before moving to the region in 2015. I currently live in Belleville with my parents and three brothers. I have lived in Brighton, Trenton prior and went to Quinte Christian High School. I entered the race after seeing friends be denied opportunities to continue or complete their educations, in addition to work part time or full-time work due to unreasonable mandates. There’s been a massive increase in mental health issues among youth. The amount of division and stress for hard-working people, families and people of all ages, especially our elderly and the needy in the community, has never been seen before.

The Ford government’s handling of the pandemic lacked forethought, inclusion of all scientific experts and doctors and, to be blunt, common sense. As a member of the community, I saw the need for strong leadership to stand up for families and small businesses against the status quo, to speak out on the real issues impacting families and communities. Rather than ignore those issues locally and across the province, I will speak out, and fight for everyone who continues to be left behind by self-serving and tyrannical politicians at Queen’s Park.

Why is your party the right choice for the Bay of Quinte?

The Ontario Party has the potential to get the Bay of Quinte the change we need. As a party we have candidates who are steelworkers and doctors, construction managers and small business owners, real estate agents and lawyers, police officers and financial planners, firefighters and pastors, I.T. workers and paralegals, students and retirees. We are not career politicians, in fact, almost all of us never pictured themselves running for political office. However we have all had enough of the overreach of the entitled, elite political class. We bring fresh perspectives and real life experience of damaging policies and have innovative ways to solve issues our current government has been unable to. As we all have diverse backgrounds as well as a spirit of cooperation with residents and local community groups, we are free to find actual solutions to the issues unique to the region we live in.

The Ontario Party represents an opportunity for voters to get involved in this election by casting their votes for political candidates who will work FOR them, as opposed to against them.

What would you say are the top three issues facing the Bay of Quinte right now?

The need for jobs and dignity to work to feed your family, which means helping our small businesses, to stimulate the local and provincial economy, and stop the harm in so many other aspects of our community.

Policies from Ford that were “supposed” to help actually handicapped and even killed businesses. Continued rising housing costs and housing supply are critical, combined with the cost of inflation. These factors are crippling our job creation efforts, the ability of families to not just survive but thrive and are making any positive long-term planning almost impossible. I’m in support of the Ontario Party’s promise to end foreign ownership of homes meant for Canadians and also ban foreign ownership of agricultural land too. Our seniors also need to know they can afford to live with quality care and support. They need to have the care of their families, the ability to see them, and to even stay in their own homes as long as possible with proper homecare. The attack on our freedoms, families and faith that continues unabated and endorsed by all three of the main parties, whereas only the Ontario Party will stand up and stop these attacks. Anyone who challenges the status quo is attacked and cancelled; I am going to put an end to it by standing up to these bullies and stopping their rampage against Ontario families.

If elected, what would be your biggest priority?

By standing up for freedom, family and faith and using that as a guiding compass on the issues we will confront, it will ensure that we have someone leading our community and taking challenges head-on, as opposed to the other candidates who all just want some for or another of the status quo, which as stated is not a good position for our families and communities. On every single issue, I would make sure we are fighting for our community and the freedoms of our citizens, the rest will fall into place like a puzzle if we just truly focus on this initiative and vote out politicians who talk about freedom like it is a bad word these days.

Why are you the right candidate for this riding?

The Bay of Quinte needs a fresh perspective and approach to help and serve the people, not simply play politics in Toronto and serve only the needs of a party’s leader. As a young man just entering the arena, I am uncorrupted with no attachment or debts to other politicians or lobbies. I promise to serve the community and people with my whole heart, while being committed to change for the future, mine and theirs. Let’s unite as a community to take back Ontario and rebuild our great province’s economy, tourism and culture