Sooz Thorn aka Susi Stevens, the prodigal daughter of Roy and Margaret Stevens passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday May 22nd in Picton. This brilliant resilient woman will be very much missed by her loving daughter Zoë Thorn and her life partner Peter Holly-Hime (Holley) and his daughters Roan and Forest. Her friends were the most important thing to her and never once did she forget anybody’s birthday always one to send a card to Cheryl Cohoon the Lunns; Eric, Kate, Jeff, Alec and Robin, John; the Syretts; Lorraine, Billy, Morgan, Tristan and Neal; Molly Asseltine, Edith Acker, Celine Papajewska, Chrissy and Tabitha and her darling late husband Ian Thorn. She cared so much, always one to cheer on the underdog even in the face of adversity or as she would say perversity. She was eclectic, eccentric and unique! She wrote some of the first questions for the game Trivial Pursuit and ran a pub quiz with all her own original questions every week. She is remembered and honoured by all of her friends and she always managed to make everybody feel special. Her nights at the dart league and her time as a volunteer at the Picton United Church Women’s Auxilliary. I don’t think anybody will ever forget her. A graduate of the University of Toronto English Literature program, she worked in the archives of Canadian Press, was a lifelong fan of the mystery novel and a judge for Crime Writers of Canada’s 2021 awards. I hope that you can join us on June 26 at the Legion in Picton from 5 to 7 PM. Fancy dress and full effect.