Historical Society launching website for heritage plaques

There are many historical plaques dotted around Prince Edward County – but how do you find them?

Or maybe there’s a plaque you know about which tells an interesting story, and you wish more people knew about it? To solve these problems, and bring some aspects of the County’s fascinating history to the attention of locals and visitors alike, Prince Edward Historical Society is creating a website which will list, and show the location of, all historical plaques in the County.

The URL is https://pechistoricalplaques.ca/home

In order to meet this goal, the Historical Society requires the public’s help to populate the site Why not get out of the house some sunny morning and find a plaque or two? If you would like to send us information about a historical plaque you know of or you find, take a photo of it (it must be possible to read the wording from the photo) and a photo of its location, and send the photos, along with the address where it can be found, the GPS co-ordinates if you can, and any other information about it you would like to include, by e-mail to pehistsoc@gmail.com .

All contributors will be recognized by Prince Edward Historical Society.

“So much has happened in the County, and so many interesting characters have lived here,” said Peter Jepson of PEHS. “Time goes by, buildings crumble, memories fade: but these plaques are windows to our history. Travelling round the country roads, visiting the actual spots where history was made, will be a lot of fun.”

PEHS would like to acknowledge financial assistance in setting up the new web-site from The County Foundation. Please contact pehistsoc@gmail.com with any questions you may have – and learn more about PEHS at Prince Edward County Historical Society (pechistorical.ca).