Municipality invites public feedback on proposed STA Bylaw changes

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Proposed changes to the short-term accommodations (STA) licensing program have been made available for public feedback through Have Your Say.

Feedback will be received through the Have Your Say consultation website until June 13, and a statutory public meeting will take place during the Planning Committee Meeting on June 15.

Specific changes proposed for the Comprehensive Zoning By-law (ZBL) and STA Bylaw include:

  • Moving most references to STAs from the ZBL to the STA Licensing Bylaw for clarity’s sake (Change to ZBL)
  • Requiring that all future licences be granted to “natural persons” i.e. living persons and not corporations (Change to STA Bylaw)
  • Placing a cap of zero on new whole-home licences, with the exception of licences for owner-occupied primary residences and a small number of fully-accessible whole-home units (Change to STA Bylaw)
  • Restricting future licences to properties that are not in R3 or R4 zones (Change to STA Bylaw)
  • Instituting fines for advertising an unlicensed STA or advertising an STA without listing the licence number (Change to STA Bylaw)
  • Adding new fire and life safety requirements for all licensed STAs (Change to STA Bylaw)

Under the Ontario Planning Act, a statutory public meeting must be held before Council considers changes to the municipality’s ZBL. With this in mind, there will be a statutory public meeting on only the proposed changes to the ZBL on June 15 at 7 p.m. as part of the Planning Committee meeting.

If you wish to speak at the statutory public meeting, email the Clerk’s office at by June 14 at 12 noon.

The municipality has administered an STA licensing program since 2018. In September 2020, the municipality placed a moratorium on new STA licences while the program was reviewed.

On May 12, 2022, council received a staff report on the program and directed staff to consult with the public regarding several proposed changes to the STA Bylaw and ZBL. Staff will consider public feedback before making final recommendations to Council in June.

Detailed information on the program and proposed changes is available on Have Your Say. The public is invited to provide comments on Have Your Say before Monday June 13. For more information, contact Noah Lister-Stevens, Program Advisor at 613.476.2148 extension 2507 or by email at