LETTER: Land owner willing to cooperate to clear foliage

Dear Editor,

In regards to a letter written by Warren Cox (Iconic County Lookout obscured by vegetation, The Picton Gazette, June 16, 2022), I would like to comment.

In early 2001, I was contacted by the Prince Edward Power Boat Racing Club. They informed me of their proposals, as it affected my property. You see, I own the property behind the sign. We were excited as my family had owned the property since 1987 and had enjoyed the racing so much. Excavation for the guardrails cleared most of the vegetation that blocked the view and was sufficient for many years.

Approximately 10 years ago, I was contacted by the Boat Racing Club once again. They asked if we would mind a volunteer coming to trim back the vegetation to provide a view. We once again were happy to say yes. Now, it has grown back. We are happy to cooperate with the County or the Club but it requires experienced and/or professional services as it is high and on a severe grade.

Please feel free to contact me

Craig Fulton Picton