Over $30,000 raised during 2022 Hike for Hospice

Local band The Reasons were part of the 2022 Hike for Hospice Celebration. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)




To honour the fundraisers for the 2022 Hike for Hospice and to recognize Hospice Prince Edward staff and the Board of Directors, a luncheon was held at the Crystal Palace with music from The Reasons on June 26th with the help and support of The Rotary Club of Picton.

Over $30,000 was raised for Hospice with participants conducting their own hikes rather than a central event.

Members of the top fundraising team Cressy-Glenora Striders accepting their prize. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

The top fundraising team for the 2022 Hike for Hospice were the Cressy-Glenora Striders while the top fundraising individual for the 2022 Hike for Hospice was Barb Spry.

The celebration was sponsored by Ray’s Power Equipment, food was provided by Tim Horton’s  of Picton and the celebratory cake came from Picton Foodland.

“I am here to thank you all for coming and participating,” Annette Gaskin, Secretary of Hospice Prince Edward expressed. “I would also like to thank the Rotary. Rotary has always been there for us and have provided for us, they were there for us when we opened our new Hospice, they have always been around and have been supportive of us.”

Rotary provided setup and helping with handing out lunch. Rotary carries a long-standing tradition of supporting Hike for Hospice.

“Rotary is very pleased to be able to provide a luncheon for this Hike event celebration,” said incoming President of the Rotary Club of Picton Barb Proctor. “In the past we have done barbecues, now things are a little different but were still very happy to be here, also as Annette said, Hospice Prince Edward has been a major focus for The Rotary Club of Picton and we’re very happy to present today.” 

A donation to add to Hospice’s fundraising events of $450 was provided by Rotary to Hospice.

Chair of the Board for Hospice Prince Edward Dr. Susan Brajtman shared a story from a family member who was supported through the residential Hospice’s services.

“Hi it’s Tracy, Roberts sister,” Dr. Brajtman stated. “I just wanted all of you to know how amazing everyone was at Hospice looking after my brother Bob. He never had a lot in his life and when he got sick and couldn’t get better he always said ‘I want to go to that Hospice around the corner when I can’t be at home any longer’.”

Top individual fundraiser Barb Spry accepting her prize. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

According to Tracy, her brother loved being outside and access to the outdoors was important during his journey.

“He was so thrilled to be in a room where the large doors opened to a deck. He was extremely at ease that he could have the fresh air, the outdoor sounds and a view of trees and birds. At one point, a couple of grey doves landed on the banister and Bob said ‘Oh look a couple of doves came to keep me company.”

Tracy noted their mother is 92 years old and lives a few hours away and for the last few visits to see Bob in his rooming house had been very hard on her.

“She was distraught to see her son suffering but her final visit with him however at your hospice was different. She felt at ease seeing that all Bob’s needs were being met and how much he loved that room. After three weeks of my sister and I taking care of my brother, it was comforting to know he was getting the best care possible in his final days. Much gratitude and warm wishes for everything you do.”

For more information on Hospice Prince Edward please visit https://www.hospiceprinceedward.ca