Women’s Institute has inspiring legacy of serving Prince Edward County

Now and then over the years I’ve had the privilege of being the guest speaker at a meeting of Women’s Institute branches.

What vital groups of women with a broad range of interests and activities. Here’s a bit of information about the Women’s Institute, an organization that was established in Ontario in 1897.

The Women’s Institute Mission Statement is “The Federation Women’s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO) is a non-profit charitable organization with affiliates around the world working with and for rural and urban women and their families. Through the network of Branches, we offer high quality education and support programs and services, advocate for social and economic change, and work towards the personal growth and empowerment of all women.” Women’s Institutes reach from the local branches to a worldwide network of women active in over 70 countries.

There are six local branches in Prince Edward County including Cherry Valley, Consecon, Demorestville, Hillier, Mountain View/Wellington and Rednersville. Most were established in 1908.

The branches of the Women’s Institute support many community agencies and they are involved with the national and international women’s organization. A major initiative of all local branches is supporting the Prince Edward Specialized Transit.

The annual Craft Show is a fundraiser. Here’s a partial list of things that the Women’s Institutes were instrumental: having bread wrapped; having lines painted on our provincial highways; the use of fluorescent paint on railway cars, as well as railway crossing lights; garment labelling; putting music on school curriculums; flashing lights for school buses; the marking of poison products’ containers; roadside breathalizer tests; pasteurization of milk; dental inspections in schools; roadway bicycle paths; etc.

Don’t miss the 39th annual Women’s Institute Craft Show & sale is on Thursday, July 28th, 2022. There are over 220 juried artisans in four buildings, plus outside vendors. This event is held at the Picton Fairgrounds. Bus groups are welcome. There’s free parking. All venues and amenities are accessible. Children under 12 are free and adults are only $5/person admission.

Proceeds to County Accessible Transportation and various community projects.

The women who belong to the Women’s Institute Branches are of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. They welcome new members. See the “contact” page at www.thecountywomensinstitute.ca for the telephone number to reach someone at each Branch in The County.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes