Stories from our past-July 21, 2022

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Gilbert’s Mills- The Women’s Institute  met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Crawford on Wednesday.
  • An arrangement has been made for Fenian Raid Veterans whereby they will receive their payments after all from a consolidated revenue.
  • Niles’ Corners-The rain on Sunday was appreciated by all. It’s the first good rain in over a month.


  • Buried under 50 pound bales of hay, which slipped from a passing truck, two of three young boys are little the worse for their experience after being pulled from beneath the bales. The third boy is in hospital with injuries.
  • Doxsee’s Sunday School held their annual picnic at Stelmack’s Cove on East Lake Thursday evening.
  • The tern colony at Sandbanks is doing well, with over half the eggs having been found to have hatched.


  • Origins of the Mariners’ Service were traced Sunday at the annual event held at South Bay United Church.
  • South Bay Church hall was the attractive setting for the graduation of South Marysburgh Central.
  • Members of Unit 1 Consecon United Church Women met in the church hall Wednesday.


  • Unemployment Insurance recipients will be hired to work in provincial parks by Prince Edward County and have their wages paid by the federal and provincial governments.
  • Unit 2 of the Wellington UCW met at the home of Mrs. Fran Chapman. A luncheon was enjoyed by all.
  • Dale Watt, animal control officer for Hallowell Township, has requesting payment of costs from council for having a dog destroyed.