Check out a musical instrument at the MILL

Picton Branch of the Prince Edward County Public Library. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)

Did you know that playing a musical instrument can make you smarter? According to a National Geographic article about Albert Einstein’s “Love Affair with ‘Lina’ – his cherished violin”, Einstein used the playing of music to help him think through his theories.

Einstein is even quoted as saying “Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music”.

You don’t have to be one of the world’s most recognized scientists to get a benefit from playing music, though. Anyone can reap the rewards of playing music. The County of Prince Edward Public Library & Archives Musical Instrument Lending Library (MILL) can help you experience the benefits of playing an instrument.

The collection, which began with a starter pack from Joe’s MILL in Kingston, has grown thanks to the generosity of the community who have donated everything from accordions to violas and much more as well. If you’re interested in trying out an instrument, you can register at any branch of the library. Membership is open to any Prince Edward County resident with a library card in good standing. The registration fee is $10 for a two-year membership which covers incidental costs such as the occasional broken string and upkeep. The best way to find out more about the MILL is to connect with Aaron, who coordinates the program.

You can reach him by email – – or by calling the Picton Branch at (613) 476-5962. Instruments can be sent to any branch of the library for pickup.

THREE CHEERS: Cheers to the Friends of Wellington Branch Library for an extremely successful Canada Day book sale on July 1. The volunteer group has tireless energy for unpacking, sorting, displaying, and selling hundreds of books! They raised over $1400. The Friends work to support library service in Wellington and have donated funds to the library collection, beautified the interior and exterior of the branch with plants and much more.

Cheers to the Prince Edward Learning Centre and County Kids Read for partnering with us on another successful Reading Round Up and BBQ at the London Ave park on the Heights. We enjoyed meeting all the families who dropped by. Cheers to Lynn Pickering and 99.3 County FM for welcoming us on The County Writes… The County Reads. We love talking about books!

Thanks too, to County FM for airing our biweekly “What’s Happening at the Library” on the Grapevine alternating Thursday mornings.

-Liz Zylstra