Staff Sgt. Hatch joins webinar series Aug. 31

Since 2018 Community Care has offered a wide array of Active Living Programs.

If you have participated in any over the last couple of years you will know that many take the form of Zoom Webinars. These webinars have covered a variety of topics, from nature, local history, staying healthy, or staying safe, and allow you to view it all on your computer from the comfort and safety of your own home. The Prince Edward County OPP, on many occasions, have taken the time to share helpful information through Community Care Webinars.

In June Aaron Miller, Community Relations Officer, joined us to discuss scams and staying safe in the County as we headed into the summer. Now that we’re approaching the end of summer we are joined once again by the OPP.

This time it is with Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. John Hatch. Commander Hatch is offering a new opportunity to learn when he joins us. On Wednesday, August 31st from 1-2pm via Community Care Zoom he will be answering your questions. Ordinarily when there is a webinar presentation viewers get a chance to ask a couple of questions at the end that may have come up during the presentation.

“Twenty Questions with the Commander” will be different because the questions from the attendees will be answered. This is an opportunity to tune in to a presentation just for you and anyone who had a question that they submitted. Seniors 60+ with a question are asked to register for the webinar and then you’ll receive instructions on how to submit your question in advance. The Commander will come prepared to address the issues that are important to seniors in the Prince Edward County. We have had a wonderful array of presenters throughout the summer and hope you participated in this a great way to learn something new and stay connected to the local community.

“Twenty Questions with the Commander” is another chance to learn about important community issues as well as the opportunity to be directly connected to the material being presented. Anyone who needs help with zoom is encouraged to call the Library for assistance. They also have tablets and wifi sticks that you can borrow. The Library staff will get you all set up to participate in Twenty Questions with the Commander. For more information call the Community Care office at 613-476-7493 or check the website at

Submitted by Community Care Coordinator Nicholas Reynolds