After school board trustee tenure, Cobb turns attention to municipal governance

Jennifer Cobb.

I live in Wellington. I shop in Wellington. And I play in Wellington. I raised my daughter here, and this is where we call ‘home’. I swim regularly, and cold dip in Lake Ontario throughout the year. I hike, enjoy wilderness camping, and am in love with the  South Shore. 

 I am self employed and have a good economy of both money and time. I have the time, energy and a deep desire to serve my community, and am available for the demands of Council. I have many years experience in governance, including serving for 12 years as  the Trustee for this area at HPEDSB. I have volunteered with, and raised funds for, many local organizations and initiatives. 

 I have undertaken extensive Anti-bias training, and a York University Certificate in Governance. I have experience chairing committees (Chair of Audit for 6 years at HPEDSB) and contributing to the larger work of governance including updating Policy and  Procedure. 

I am running for Council because I believe in the power of representational government, and know that representational government only works when there is good representation – someone who is accessible, responsive, communicative and available. 

 I am skilled, educated and experienced in being a responsive representative. I believe every inquiry deserves a response.

 I also believe in the practice of service. Whether it is in my Yoga/Pilates practice, with my garden produce, or with my attention and time, I understand that I must give back to my community. 

 I love Wellington. It is a ‘healthy community’ which contains all the basic necessities that a person needs, and has a wide variety of publicly accessible spaces available to us all: parks, playgrounds, sports facilities and waterfront access points. 

 I want to preserve the good life that I enjoy here, with strong community involvement, vital service clubs, an active school community and tons of really good neighbours and friends. So I am stepping forward hoping to be Wellington’s trusted servant at Council,  a conduit of information to and from Wellington, to and from Council. I like to talk and to listen and do both pretty well. 

 I have a long professional history in community outreach and development. I am a skilled Community Based Researcher. I know how to collect, summarize and use both empirical (statistics, reports and printed data) and anecdotal data (from peoples stories and  experiences) to shape advocacy and measured change.

The issues facing Prince Edward County that are important to me are: promoting broader equity and inclusion; establishing more affordable housing; securing vital primary health care providers; practicing  a managed and gracious approach to expansion, development and tourism promotion within the County; actively promoting the creation of additional, well managed, streams of income to Prince Edward County; and creating sound policies and practices with regard  to Short Term Accommodations, alleviating some of the current difficulties that plague many residents.