Moffatt challenges status quo in Bloomfield/Hallowell

Sarah Moffatt.

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Moffatt and I am running in Bloomfield/Hallowell ward. I grew up in Trenton and spent my summers at North Beach and played high school soccer and basketball against PECI. I understand the growing pains that many locals are feeling and I plan to be your voice in the direction the county is moving.

I work in the social service field and I see that times are tough for many right now. I have also volunteered for and been on the board of directors of several local charities aimed at supporting children and families. My proudest part of my day job is advocating for the clients I work with. As councillor I would do the same for PEC residents.

I was motivated to run when I saw a picture of the current sitting council and didn’t feel that it represented me or many of the residents in our community. I put my name in the ring to offer a fresh perspective and to provide some diversity on council in the hopes of it being a more accurate reflection of our community. I worry that low-income earners and families don’t currently have a voice at the horseshoe. I want to make sure that the people who need the most support aren’t forgotten.

As councillor I will ensure Ward 2 residents feel heard by their representative. I cannot promise I will always have an answer that you want, but I can promise I will try my best to get the answers you need. I also plan to provide more transparency to how decisions at council are made and help to address and remedy any barriers residents feel are preventing them from understanding or participating in council meetings. I work for you and my platform would be guided by the needs of the residents.

We are in the middle of a housing crisis and council has recently made some positive steps in the right direction to address this. They have also just hired a doctor recruiter to address the developing healthcare crisis. However, the housing crisis and doctor shortage didn’t happen overnight and these ideas should have been brought forward years ago. I want our next council to be more proactive in planning and less reactive.

My goal is to direct policy that is in line with the county’s Official Plan. This plan speaks to protecting our environment and agricultural land; maintaining access to health care and community services that are accessible and affordable; encouraging and supporting our local businesses; providing opportunities for affordable and attainable housing; infrastructure that promotes active transportation; increasing public access to the county’s 800km of shoreline; and preserving PEC’s rural character. The framework and vision are already in place, it’s time for our next council to bring it to fruition.

The County is my home. I want to make sure everyone can feel proud to call it theirs too.