Pennell hopes to bring common sense approach back to Shire Hall

Roy Pennell.
Approachable, Accountable, Achievable
Hi! I am Roy Pennell and I reside at 1239 Salem Road Consecon, Ontario. I am retired from the business sector, and presently farm.  I am the proud father of daughter Melinda, son-in-law Jason and grandson Hunter.  I’m a lifelong resident of PEC Ward 4 and reside on my family farm.
I am running for council because of my passion and commitment to the community, friends, and neighbours.  I have spent most of my life volunteering in Ameliasbugh on the recreation board, fundraising for PEMHF and thirty plus years with our local fairboard.
I served on PEC council 2014-2018  and prior to amalgamation I spent several years on the Ameliasburgh Council.
I have a common sense approach to problem solving and feel far too many decisions are made through costly studies and rubber stamping. Instead of doing the work councillors are elected to do such as making positive choices for the residents, they are creating fiascos. For example, Lake on the Mountain, $400 parking fines, boat loach apps, roads in disrepair and overgrowth of brush simply means priorities are not considered and funds are not allocated where they are needed.
Last year we had a 3  increase in taxes above normal budget directed to roads. What value did we get? The road repairs on Victoria Road alone were deteriorating within weeks of completion.
It is time to re-evaluate where we have been and the direction that we are going in. No one person can make changes themselves but hopefully if elected as Councilor for Ameliasburgh Ward, and along with the rest of council of PEC we can work together to make positive and effective decisions for you and the future of PEC.