South Marysburgh’s Ellis Ziegler aiming to be part of a “cohesive council”

Ellis Ziegler.

Tell us a little bit about yourself….

I live in Milford, and operate Curious Goat General Store, which is part apiary/farm stand and part pollinator experience.  I’ve been active in the fabric of The County including my current role as Treasurer of the South Marsburgh Recreation Board, and past Chair of the Picton Town Hall and past Secretary of the Affordable Housing Corporation. I also am a volunteer writer/director for an upcoming radio play series on County FM. I have 30 years experience in non-profit governance and managing public funds and working with municipalities.

Why did you choose to run…

I chose to run in 2022 after careful consideration. The primary reason I am choosing to run again this term is that The County is at a bit of a crossroads, in terms of meeting residents needs with employment, housing health, and the environment. We need a Council that is cohesive, and makes decisions based on best information and practices that will benefit County residents beyond this term. I think we can accomplish that with Councillors like me who are balanced, thorough and resident-centred.

What issues facing Prince Edward County are important to you…

The issues facing residents are the most basic – housing, health and employment. With one bedrooms doubling in cost in two years, lack of year-round employers and not enough health or day care, Council needs to work hard to make real long term benefit for residents. Council needs to manage policies and by-laws which protect County residents and assets. We need to advocate with levels of government to increase health and day care options, and we need to find ways to encourage year-round businesses who will hire local families. We need a managed plan to protect our natural environment in with our provincial and government partners. To do this we need to be cohesive as a Council, one which is engaged with residents and able to make well-informed and balanced decisions.