St. Jean looking for return trip to Shire Hall to be Picton’s voice at Horseshoe

Phil St. Jean.

I was born and raised in the County. My wife and I chose to stay here to earn a living and raise our family. It wasn’t easy but we made it work. We witnessed first-hand the exodus of people and jobs during the 1980’s and 90’s as small manufacturing and agricultural processing jobs slowly disappeared. In order to stay here we learned new skills, we worked hard, re-trained and adapted to our changing local economy. I worked in agriculture, hospitality/food services, as a refrigeration engineer, in business management, as a restaurant owner in Picton. Today I am a self-employed residential contractor. Since being elected in 2018 I have proudly served our community as a councillor for Picton.

In 2018,  years ago I ran on a platform of sharing my local experience, knowledge, balancing fiscal and social responsibilities, retaining a healthy respect for the history, culture and traditions that make us all “county”. Most importantly I assured everyone I would always make informed decisions only after taking into consideration researched facts balanced by the desires of the majority of all residents. I believe I have stayed true to those assurances. I chose to run for a second term because I feel there is much we can still do to improve upon the lives and lively-hoods and the future prosperity of county residents. Despite a 2 ½ year long pandemic we have come a long way. We are addressing our affordable housing crisis. Several projects have been approved with many more in various stages of negotiation and approval. I believe I bring a unique perspective currently I am 1 of 4 lifelong residents elected to this term of council. I would like to continue sharing my local perspective, my lived experiences, to be a voice of compromise, positivity and reason while helping to manage and shape our collective future in a progressive, co-operative and inclusive way. The County is an amazing place to visit and the best place to live. We must accept the fact our county has and will continue to change, growing and diversifying economically, socially and demographically. The challenge over the next four years is how to manage it. I believe we need more representatives, like my-self, who know what life was like here 20 and 30 years ago. We also need elected representatives who understand our traditions and way of life but remain open-minded and progressive when it comes to modest growth.

My life has always been about giving back either as a service club member, with the Regent Theatre Foundation, as a co-builder/fundraiser of the Picton splash pad, volunteering with local children’s charities or as a local employer. I would like to continue helping to guide our community forward, serving the residents of Picton and Prince Edward County working diligently to ensure the interests of all residents, new and “old county” are properly represented. By voting to re-elect me you can help the county become a more sustainable, economically successful and inclusive place today and for the future.