Roberts looks to return for third term at Shire Hall

Bill Roberts.

My wife Sharon and I have been grateful residents of Sophiasburgh for the better part of two decades.

I’ve led successful teams and companies over the years: for example, Managing Director Of TVOntario, President & CEO of VisionTV, and currently Vice-chair of WPBS-TV in New York State.

I hold a B.A. from Trent University, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from St. Mary’s University, a Maitrise Libre (M.A.) from the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris), an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Winnipeg, and graduate certifications from Harvard, Notre Dame and Stockholm universities.

In my broadcasting role, I was awarded “Employer of the Year” by Canadian Women in Communications.

As our elected Councillor in Sophiasburgh, I have been a successful Queen’s Park advocate for our new hospital, currently serve on the Board of Hospice Prince Edward, played a key role in  saving our Sophiasburgh Central School and creating The County Food Hub, successfully introduced our municipal “Living Wage Policy”, guided Truth & Reconciliation initiatives with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, worked to secure a “new and young” farmer grants program, personally sourced free COVID-19 PPE for our local food banks and hospital, helped deliver  warm meals to seniors and shut-ins, hosted the Ontario Farmland Trust, and am always a keen participant for fundraiser “dunk tanks” in charitable events hosted by entities like Picton Canadian Tire and our Sophiasburgh Recreation Committee.

In addition, I’ve Chaired the Community & Economic Development Commission, secured half-load trucking relief for our farmers, funded the Downie-Wenjack Legacy Room at Books & Co., and personally funded college bursaries for PEC high school graduates (food and farm innovation studies and Indigenous TRC studies)

I was also a member of the PEC Affordable Housing Task Force, awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship Award by Picton Rotary, received a “Certificate of Support” from Community Care For Seniors, and… among other infrastructure improvements in Sophiasburgh… I assured a new dock & ramp at Northport Centennial Park (the next step is already underway with a comprehensive rehabilitation and naturalization of our park). 

I’ve also been an active donor to The County Food Hub, Kate’s Rest, our hospital’s “Monthly Donor Club”, 99.3 County FM, 100 People Who Care, County Kids Read, Food To Share, our PEC Public Library, and an enthusiastic participant in the Quinte Region Drowning Prevention Coalition… amongst others.

Coming out of this pandemic, experience and expertise will be critical to a robust economic, social and community recovery.

The County has serious infrastructure issues that must be addressed: be it traditional infrastructure such as County Road 49, or digital infrastructure to close rural cell gaps and provide high-speed rural connectivity, or social infrastructure to best support social mobility and economic opportunity for all (e.g. I’d like to see 500+ affordable housing units in the next year), or health infrastructure as in exploring the potential for nurse practitioners, or community infrastructure in balancing growth and tourism with livability for residents.

My track record speaks to responsiveness and public engagement, my actions champion an inclusive economy, and my commitment is to align that complex infrastructure renewal with responsible and compassionate decision-making.