Asking for help isn’t always easy

At Community Care for Seniors, we receive many phone calls and emails from caregivers inquiring about services because a family member is hesitant to ask for help. Often this is due to fear of losing their independence, feeling they are a burden to others, how they will be perceived by family and friends and simply put it’s not easy asking for assistance.

It can take time and courage. When we are young, we don’t always think about how we will age. Of course, we hope we will have no issues, be healthy, mobile, and able to do everything, however, a recent Statistics Canada survey estimates as of 2021 the overall number of adults 65 years and older who will be living with chronic conditions is about 6.3 million. As a Co-ordinator when I do have the opportunity to talk with a caregiver or a senior in this position, I often think of a couple that required assistance with housecleaning and laundry. They knew they required help if they were going to stay in their home but were very hesitant to have a stranger come into their home. After a couple of phone calls with them and a family member they decided to give the homemaking program a try. When I followed up a few weeks later I could tell by the tone in their voice things were going well. The couple reported the home worker and the work being done was exactly what they needed taking the pressures off them to maintain their home while they focused on their health.

They said, “I don’t know why we didn’t do this earlier.” Two years later they still have the same home worker who has become a friend. I recently talked with a senior who had a fall and as a result suffered injuries. They were encouraged by a family member to reach out for help.

While registering them for multiple services they mentioned, “this is all new to me I’m not used to needing help, let’s see how this goes.” That’s all any of us can do is try. Most often clients see the benefits of the services immediately and so do their family members and caregivers. If interested in becoming a home worker, wanting to make connections plus create your own schedule, give us a call. For information on programs and services or to become a volunteer call 613-476-7493 or check

-Submitted by Laura McGugan, a coordinator at Community Care.