Infrastructure high on Braney’s priorities for Ward 7

Chris Braney

I am a proud Hillier farmer and resident with over 30 years of leadership experience in municipal governance, policy, and finance who has had the privilege of serving as Vice-Chair and Chair of two school boards. After receiving encouragement from many Hillier residents, neighbours, and friends I decided to run for the Hillier Councillor seat in the upcoming municipal election on Monday, October 24th, 2022.

My connections to the Prince Edward County municipal, farming, and business communities have given me extensive experience with integrated strategic planning that addresses community development, advocacy, community engagement, and relationship building with elected officials and local agencies. 

Throughout my political career I have been an enthusiastic and creative leader with the ability to bring experience, new ideas, and energy to the council table. I have demonstrated effective communication and collaboration skills, with a strong working knowledge of, and experience in, planning, budget management, team building, mediation, negotiation, and policy development.  I’m also proud of my track record as a creative thinker who can achieve priority driven results for the Hillier community.

I believe this will be an important upcoming 4-year term to represent Hillier Ward since recent economic uncertainty has been difficult for many residents, families, and farmers. Moreover, I would like to bring my leadership experience to the table to effectively serve the community as we move forward. Additionally, I look forward to bringing my municipal finance experience to the Council table to stabilize taxation and spending during the next four years. I believe we can do a better job lobbying for Provincial and Federal funding to offset shortfalls within our annual budget. Council has a big role to play in the improvement of our daily lives.

The many issues before us include infrastructural improvements that need to be addressed urgently.

Hillier is a ward that is rich in agricultural heritage and achievement, and I want to support and enhance sustainable farming within our community. As an appointed member of the Prince Edward County Heritage Advisory Committee, I’m also committed to the protection and restoration of our many unique and beautiful heritage buildings and properties. The many issues before us include infrastructural improvements that need to be addressed urgently.

With many friends working with the Prince Edward County Health Team, I understand first-hand the importance before us with doctor recruitment and funding to ensure our local hospital thrives.

As a father of two daughters living with my wife and I on our farm, I know it’s important to many of us that we create opportunity and growth that will enable our youth to live and work in our community. I’m optimistic that we can develop strategies and a plan to improve on this outlook.

There is a great amount of change and need for development in the County. However, I believe the way to find balance moving forward is through responsible planning and community consultations. Sometimes the cart is put before the horse, considering we don’t have the infrastructure in place to support many proposed developments which causes confusion and a lack of transparency within many of our communities.

I will be proud and privileged to serve the community as your Councillor in Hillier, and I look forward to continued communication from our residents so I can be a passionate and effective voice for the community.