Prinzen looks to return to horseshoe with common sense approach

Phil Prinzen.

My name is Phil Prinzen. I was born and raised in PEC and have called PEC home for my entire life. I am married to Selena who was also was born and raised in PEC. We are blessed with 2 beautiful girls who love living here. We are dairy farmers who are privileged  to work together every day to run our successful operation on Gilead Road. I am a volunteer firefighter and also a 4-H leader. I feel it is very important to give back to the community you live in.

I have chosen to run for re-election as I believe that I still have a lot to offer for the residents of Ward 2 and PEC as a whole. My first term was a very enjoyable although very different than anyone expected due to the global pandemic. I believe that I bring  a common sense approach to meetings and feel like I represent county residents and businesses very well. Council tackled a lot of unseen issues and although maybe not everyone agreed on the outcome I feel the discussions were good and respectful and ultimately  a majority voted they way they felt it was best for the community. 

The issues facing PEC that are important to me are housing, health care, protection of land and resources and fiscal responsibility. This community needs to be a place that people can afford to live and I have made many decisions with that in mind. It comes  back to what we need for our community  and what would be a nice to have. Housing is still a major issue and it will take many small steps to tackle the problem. We need to work with all layers of government to fix the crisis. It’s not something we as a municipal  council can do on our own. I will continue to support healthcare whether its through doctor recruitment programs or support for our new hospital – a community will never survive without healthcare. Land protection and natural resource protection is important  to me as we need to work with developers to strategically place new housing developments as our premium land is becoming scarce. I will continue to listen to all the residents and businesses of PEC and hope to represent them for another four years around the  horseshoe.