Stories from our past-September 8, 2022

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The annual celebration of the officers and members of the Quinte Lodge I.O.O.F. for the purpose of decorating the graves of their deceased brethren took place Friday.
  • Miss Leslie wins the Gazette prize piano, worth $400.00 after a very lively competition that continued for three months.
  • The apple crop this year promises to be very good indeed. One large firm of orchardists report that they expect one hundred thousand barrels of apples.


  • A farmer living near Wellington is scratching his head these days. For the past week or two he has been pumping small fish out of his well by the basket.
  • Fire completely destroyed a barn and driveshed on the farm of Guy Snider at Point Petre on Monday.
  • This Friday marks the opening of Gordon Whattam’s new funeral home at 33 Main Street.


  • Special guests at the official opening ceremonies of the County Fair at Picton will be the Honourable George Hees, MP  for Prince Edward Hastings, among others.
  • Plans by Ontario Hydro to install some additional feeder lines into the County to bolster available electric power are causing concern to a number of county residents and local officials.
  • The entire stock at one of Picton’s leading fashion centres, Fraser’s Grey Room, was lost by smoke damage from a fire late Thursday night.


  • Two County teachers recently attended the 64th annual meeting of the Federation of Women Teachers’ Association of Ontario held at the Royal York in Toronto.
  • A decision by the PEC Chamber of Commerce to fire its secretary and stop rental payments for the use of the Quinte’s Isle Tourist Association Office means the centre will close effective Sept. 30.
  • Picton Deputy Reeve Marilyn Robins announced she will stand for re-election in the municipal election in November.